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There was a strange gleam in one Garian's eye. There was a strange gleam in one Garian's eye.
 +//Garian, that's not the...!
 +He was too late. Just as he called out, the bounty hunter jumped off the rail to the pier below. His telepathic signal echoed around the void until it was consumed by outer darkness like a wildly thrown tennis ball receding into the gloom.
 +//That's not this Parallel's Garian//, he said to nobody,// I should know.//
 +There hadn't been a Garian in this Parallel for two thousand iterations. The Garian who inhabited this Parallel was brutally murdered by Carbon Garian only seconds after setting foot onto the Island. His blood had stained the sand and his body had washed away with the tide. His life energy had been completely consumed. He had witnessed the murder, one of the last Garians he had seen in the flesh before Carbon Garian came for him. Now he wouldn't even be able to witness the second in this Parallel.
 +If the murder ever happened. All he could do was pray that his teaching had been enough. It wasn't perfect. He hadn't had time. Inevitably, even in the sanctuary of Parallel Five, he had been discovered and had to move on before he finished the job he set about to do. He never had time...
 +He stared over the rail.// If only I could have another life.// That sentence had never meant as much before as it came to mean now. All he had to do was set one foot onto the pier... but he knew what was waiting for him. It was something he couldn't face.
 +The boat's whistle called. Like a giant turtle bearing a world on its back, it turned around with ponderous slowness. He didn't allow himself to stop looking at the Island as it receded from view.
 +Until he heard the commotion from the front of the boat.
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