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The first two chapters of the epic World of Warcraft parody fic, starring Doan Lagbringer, an ordinary student who is teleported to Azeroth, and her long-suffering, eternally lag-plagued World of Warcraft characters - Revoemag, the Troll Mage with a secret crush on the Warchief and Excomunicant, the sinister Undead who wants to turn her infectious latency troubles into a new plague cult. Other characters include Deiter Killsteal, the annoying Human Paladin who falls in love with Doan, Warderer, the Undead Rogue who lives only to gank, and Lady Jane di Gloinador, the overzealous Arathi Basin recruiter.


The third, apocalyptic chapter of the Latency 6000 trilogy. When a new plague strikes Azeroth, leaving everyone unable to resurrect, Doan Lagbringer sets off on a new adventure involving rogue GMs, rampaging Fel Reavers and ban stick duels over 40 ft drops. Introducing Doan's new love interest - the beautiful Blood Elf Paladin with a dark secret, Eselred Eadriccson!


Doan's attempt to write a 100 page play. The sequel to 'The Scalpel Is Mightier Than The Sword'. The second in the series is even more out of this world than the first one, with a cast of Valkyries, Golems, Gods, video game characters, legendary heroes, time-travelling assassins, zombies and dinosaurs. Will Doctor Diggory survive as the entire hospital collapses around her into a mind-warping temporal paradox?

My first attempt at writing original fiction for NaNo. Requiem for Ragnarok is set on the Game Over Screen, where everyone in the entire Universe goes when they die. There is no Heaven or Hell on the Game Over Screen, only the will of the Computer. Everything runs perfectly efficiently to ensure that the billions of souls who pass through it are correctly processed. Nothing goes wrong… or does it?

Krelian Taylor, a man with no Continues and nothing to lose, and his brother Max, a priest-for-hire who worships the highest bidder, join a Valkyrie and her Einherjar in uncovering the truth behind the Game Over Screen.


  • Super Smash Brothers: The Opera. The Grand Tournament is coming to Mushroom Kingdom. Every year ont he same day, Ninten Empire's finest warriors battle for supremacy and the title of Emperor's Champion. Huge stakes are bet on the contestants and they have the potential to win virtually anything. The Tournament is more than just a game - especially when things start to go wrong halfway through it!

An Earthbound fanfiction of epic proportions! Gyiiyg (mysteriously saved from the insanity of Giygas), a hyperintelligent psychic baby with godlike powers, a refugee from a truly dystopian future, the mythical leader of the Starmen, a small army of Golems and a host of familiar Mother series characters feature in this story of redemption and homecoming from exile.



A prison drama of epic proportions! (Aka Dark Savior: The Musical!)

Dunbar and Matt, twin brothers and inmates of Jailer's Island, the Universe's most notorious prison, want to form a band, but the Warden won't let them. Then the President of Climaxland comes to visit and the Warden gives them permission as long as they play well enough to impress the President. They uncover the warden's secret plot to assassinate the President. Meanwhile, they must survive the day-to-day challenges of prison life, including love triangles, rival gangs, mad scientists, bounty hunters and the endless search for the hyperdimensional ataraxia known as Parallel 6.

  • Servant of the Universe the life and times of the Director of the Game Over Screen, the highest ranking person in the Universe. After handing her parents over to be deleted at age 8, she lived an almost feral life on the Game Over Screen, before discovering the music scene, then enrolling as a trainee. She discovered that her lifetime companion, the computer who kept her alive, was actually the Central Computer of the Game Over Screen and wanted her as the next Director. Her first day on the job is full of lessons to be learned about the history and nature of the digital afterlife. - NOW A BOOK! Buy it!
  • Lady of the Setting Sun - the adventures of Spatula, Goddess of Defeat, as she liberates planet Earth from the oppressive regime of the humans.


A surreal alternative ending to Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. Black Frost decides to betray Abel and go off on his own quest to become Bel King, which will pit him in a battle to the death against the Microsoft Word paperclip and a deadly game of negotiation with the most powerful demons in the Lockdown, including a God of the Underworld with money problems and an alcoholic vampire. He learns that the only way to survive in a world plagued with demons is to believe in the power of love, justice, hope, innocence and video games.

* Six of Hearts

Dark Savior fanfiction. After Carbon Garian murders all but a scant few of the Garians in existence, one survivor is trained by a ghost in Parallel 5 to become totally aware of the Parallels and eventually kill Carbon Garian. But Carbon Garian's actions have warped the very fabric of the Parallels and the Last Garian becomes involved in something far beyond a simple hunt for a murderer.

* The Amazing Adventures of Scribe

My first sojourn into smaller writing competitions. Original fiction starring an apprentice scribe called Scribe whose life is turned upside down when a cog from the machinery holding together the Universe falls out of the sky and nearly hits him on the head!


* The Further Amazing Adventures of Scribe, Part 1

* The Further Amazing Adventures of Scribe, Part 2

Scribe is back. At 16 years old, he is no longer an apprentice. He must pass his exams to become a full partner of the Grand Library of Brokenshire. First he must make his own quill… using a feather that he finds himself, the more impressive and unusual the bird, the better! Surely it can't be that difficult to locate an interesting bird… so how come Scribe can't go for five minutes without ending up battling demons on the floating island of a three-thousand-year-old lost civilisation… and then with the Bureaucracy of Hell Itself in the courtroom!

* The Legendary and Epic Adventures of Bardal the Bard

A Dragon Force fan-stageplay! Bardal the Legendary Bard wants to catalogue the truth of the terrible war that divides Legendra. However, something is deliberately spreading misinformation! Is it a trick of the enemy or something much more sinister?

Gemfire fanfiction written for Sci-Fi Big Bang 2012. The war is over and the Crown is reunited but the dark conspiracy that threatens Ishmeria's peace and the lives of its people has not been vanquished. The only people who can save Ishmeria are the defeated contenders for the Crown who live scattered in exile.

NaNo 2012 in progress. NiGHTs fanfiction. Wizeman's ever-growing armies have taken a large chunk of the dreamlands but he still hasn't broken out into the waking world. Several forces are moving against him and figures from his past are returning. Meanwhile, a new threat emerges that threatens dreamer, Nightopian and Nightmaren alike.


* SciFiBigBang 2013 - Disappear - the sequel to 'Stereopathique'. Phantasy Star 4 fanfiction. Rune's malfunctioning connection with Lutz comes back to haunt him and he becomes involved in an incident involving the Telepathy Ball, Rykros, Lutz's sister, Motherbrain and the history and future of Algol - TO BE DISPLAYED.

* Camp NaNo April 2013 - The Silent Zone - one miner's escape from Skure. Phantasy Star 2 fanfiction.

* a spin-off of The Silent Zone - A Promising Future? - from the perspective of the Podhead robot in charge of Skure

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