We love Golems here! In fact, we are slightly obsessed with them. As well as Mister Faulty the Golem, I draw 3D and even animated Golems in Blender and I have two actual clay Golems guarding my room at home. I will upload pictures as soon as possible.

This is Boris and Doris. Boris is the smaller one wearing a guild tabard from my World of Warcraft guild. He is my bodyguard. No axe murderers ever attack me. It is obviously because they are so terrified of him. However, he can't stand up very well. Doris is painted to look like NiGHTs from NiGHTs Into Dreams. Her dream is to become a performance artist.

The word 'Golem' comes from a word meaning 'incomplete' or 'faulty'. Mister Faulty is called Mister Faulty because he is faulty. Even though he's a flag-carrier for all the faulty people out there, please don't gank him. He's made of stone so you will only blunt your blades, and we need him for a possible second series.

Mister Faulty was not based upon The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which I only read after I made him. But its an awesome book.

ITS ALIVE!!! Some experiments with using Blender to create 3D Golems.

  • My tribute to Golem Lord Argelmach, the world's greatest Golem-crafter.
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