Minutes later, they had all climbed into the hippy's battered Landrover. It smelled even more strongly of whatever it was he smelled of. It also contained mushrooms.

“Gonna be a while before we get anywhere worth me letting ya off.” said the hippy, “This place is in the middle of nowhere, man, a real Podunk. I like it like this, less people, more mushrooms, but…”

“A real what?” asked Giegue.

“Podunk.” repeated the hippy.

“Oh, we're THERE!” said the alien, “I can navigate from here, then. If we turn left at Youngtown, we get to Mt. Itoi, and that's where I left my…”

“Mount what?”


“Shigesato Itoi?” said the hippy, “THE Shigesato Itoi? What do you mean, we get to mount him? I mean, he is the revered designer of the totally funky and way out and happenin' Mother series and I'm glad he's coming to America, but I wouldn't want to…”

“He's what?” asked Moor Ecivres.

“You mean you didn't know? He's going to personally announce the US release of Mother 3!”

“WE HAVE TO GO THERE NOW!” yelled Moor Ecivres with surprising ferocity.

“Whoa, calm down!” said the hippy, “Don't get heavy, dude!”

“If you care about Earthbound and Mother and the world it happens in, you'll do as I say!”

“I guess you're right.”

He put his Earthbound soundtrack CD in the CD player, set it to 'Get On The Bus!' and put his foot on the gas.

Over the next few days – it was a long way to New York - it occurred to Moor Ecivres that he had never had this much fun with an Earthling before, or, in fact, with other people. He laughed and joked and sang and talked about Mother and ate shrooms and smoked peyote. Maybe the world was getting to be a better place already.

Moor Ecivres was in a drug-induced trance when they entered New York but the noise woke him up. The capital was enormous, bustling with life, noise, crowds of people pushing and shoving and beeping horns and being rude, neon lights and huge skyscrapers. Moor Ecivres had lived through most of his exile in England and so had seen London. He had never imagined anywhere could be bigger.

“I don't like it either, man. Nowhere to commune with nature. Affects the way people behave, you know, all these houses, all these machines.”

“You like Earthbound but you don't like machines?” Tent Person gave him a funny look. He had found it absolutely hilarious that people from this world thought his world was a computer game. Especially that they thought it didn't exist. Moor Ecivres didn't think the last bit was funny at all.

“More importantly, where's Itoi doing this opening?” asked Moor Ecivres, “And even if we find him, the place will be packed, how will we ever get near him?”

“My suit has a stealth device.” said Giegue, “I will follow him after the presentation and intercept him. I will capture him without harming him and move him to a more secure location.”

“Hey! We're not KIDNAPPING Shigesato Itoi!” yelled the hippy, “That's not groovy!”

“Then we are going to have to find him before the presentation.” said Giegue, “Otherwise, he may leave.”

“Dung Beetle, doesn't your cyberware have world creation software in it?” asked Tent Person.

He nodded, “Doesn't work.”

“But we can use the signal from it to track down Mr. Itoi. If he's really our… God… and he's announcing this release, he'll have world creation software on him somewhere, if only to demonstrate his work to the audience. Your radar can track that kind of thing, right?”

“And I have been exposed to the Devil Machine before, so I know what to look for!” Giegue's tail wagged in excitement, “A perfect plan!”

“And if Itoi doesn't have it, we'll find the Devil Machine anyway, which is what we came here for.” said Moor Ecivres, “See? I knew we'd think of a plan eventually.”

After half an hour's adjustment and a trip to Subway to buy Moor Ecivres and the hippy a sandwich each because they had the munchies, the radar was working. At first, the signal was very faint. It didn't help that Giegue and Dung Beetle also showed up on the radar. While it meant they knew that the radar was working, it also meant that the signals interfered with the one they were looking for. It took them several hours to find it. Sure enough, Itoi was sitting there in a Beatles-themed cafe, enjoying a strong coffee and a Strawberry Fields Shortcake (he had asked for tofu but they wouldn't give him any). He had dark shades and a wide-brimmed hat on so people wouldn't recognise him. It was working – everyone seemed to be leaving him alone. The radar by now had gone crazy, so they switched it off. They all walked in at once.

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